Jussie Smollett Seen With His Subway Sandwich on Camera After Alleged Attack

This story just keeps becoming harder and harder to believe for the Trump hating Smollett.

Now Fox 32 News’ Rafer Weigel is reporting from a Chicago Police source that Jussie Smollett was seen on surveillance camera still holding his Subway sandwich when he returned to the building after the alleged attack.

First he won’t release his cell phone or his managers cell phone to back up their statements of the alleged incident, now according to Fox 32 and a Chicago Police source he’s seen with his Sandwich in tact after the alleged attack?

When you look at all of his anti President Trump rhetoric, which started back in 2011, the fact that his manager Brandon Moore represents rapper YG whose first single was ‘FDT’ (F**k Donald Trump).

Where is the Washington Post with their Pinocchio chart on this story?

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3 years ago

Just a heads up to smollett…it is against the law to file a False Police Report of a crime. Maybe you should recant your story before you go too deep…just saying.

Michael A. Barr
Michael A. Barr
3 years ago

As if the mainstream media needs any help publishing fake stories……