JUDGE UNLOADS: Covid-19 Positive Person Throws 200+ Person Party in Russellville, Arkansas

Pope County Judge Ben Cross and Russellville Mayor Richard Harris released a news release today to the people of Russellville and Pope County after it was made known that a resident in Russellville who had tested positive for COVID-19 held a house party over the weekend.

According to posts on social media sites, there were over 270+ at the party in question.

This is the statement made in the release:

“The COVID-19 virus is a serious enough issue to be deemed a global pandemic and has caused tens of thousands of deaths worldwide.  This virus is very contagious and it is imperative that the citizens of Pope County and Russellville, AR take this issue seriously.

There are instances in our community that demonstrate a lack of appreciation for the seriousness of the virus and the protective measures that have been put in place to safeguard the public.

Over the weekend, a party was held at a residence within the city limits of Russellville in which an individual under quarantine for suspected COVID-19 resided. This individual has since been confirmed positive. A disregard for the welfare of others in a situation of this type cannot be underestimated.

The Arkansas Department of Health will be conducting an investigation and will be contacting those known to be in attendance and direct them as to the appropriate measures that must be taken to protect themselves and the public from the spread of the virus.

It is important for those who attended a party of this type to confirm with the host whether anyone in at the party has been under quarantine or identified as COVID-19 positive.  If you did attend this type of get together, please contact the Arkansas Department of Health at 1-800-803-7847.

The Governor of Arkansas has issued a directive banning congregations of 10 or more people, it is expected that individuals in our community will adhere to this guidance.  The spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community can only be constrained if we take the appropriate actions to prevent spread.”

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