Judge Jeanine Unloads On ‘Authoritarian Governors Looking to Flex Their Pathetic Muscles’ (VIDEO)

Judge Jeanine Pirro has delivered another damning verdict on Democrat governors and mayors who have subjected their citizens to involuntary house arrest. 

Now that “fifteen days to stop the spread” and “flatten the curve” have effectively been transformed to “until Hell freezes” over for Democrat dictators drunk on their own power, it is no longer possible to argue that the lockdowns aren’t about politics.

On Saturday’s edition of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” the Fox News host blasted the likes of Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Wolf, de Blasio, Garcetti and Newsom while they continue to keep their states under lockdown during the long Memorial Day weekend. 

She then dropped her mighty gavel directly on the heads of the petty tyrants. 

Per Judge Jeanine:

“So here we are on Memorial Day weekend 2020. The quintessential American holiday which usually signals the start of the lazy days of summer, beach fun and backyard barbecues. 

The day itself recognizes the military heroes who gave their lives so we can live freely and do these very things. We honor them by observing parades, displaying the American flag, visiting cemeteries and memorials, pausing at 3 pm to remember the fallen and thanking God there were heroes willing to die for the rest of us. 

But this Memorial Day is different. 

America has brought to her knees by an invisible enemy instilling fear and panic.

We were helpless. Intentionally uninformed as we watched this enemy spread from China to Europe to the United States. 

We buckled and bowed to unknown science and to models that were more wrong than right.

I’m not criticizing anyone. They were doing their best to protect us.

But, authoritarian governors and local officials looking to flex their pathetic muscles to keep us on lockdown are another story.

New York City and L.A. Are still on lockdown. Democratic mayor Garcetti says L.A. will not fully open until there is a vaccine and schools probably will not re-open until kids can get tested weekly.

Governor Gavin Newsom in line with him. And Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo never figured out seniors needed to be isolated and protected.

And he did nothing when complaints were made and people begged that COVID infected patients not be put into nursing facilities where 5,800 seniors died.

Curious, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida with 2 million people more than New York, criticized mercilessly for not doing enough early on, only lost one thousand seniors – although one is too many – but he knew to protect and isolate those seniors. 

All the while, Governor Cuomo spent his time pontificating about New York’s need for ventilators which in the end he didn’t need and Naval ships which in the end were virtually empty and the Javits Center turned back from a hospital to its original convention center.” 

You can read more from our friends at Trending Politics.

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