Juan Williams ‘Trump Could Refuse to Leave White House in He Loses’

That’s right America, Juan Williams is at it again with his nonsensical rhetoric.

Monday Williams wrote an op-ed in The Hill stating that President Trump could refuse to leave the White House if he loses in 2020.

It is no longer outside the realm of possibility that Trump could refuse to leave if he loses the 2020 election. And if he does not accept an election defeat — he will have a virtual army on social media to defend him. Where does this stop?

You mean like Hillary Clinton and the DNC refuses to accept losing after over two years have passed by Juan? This is absurd, there is only one side that’s refusing to accept losing, and it’s definitely not Conservatives.

The Democrats control the mainstream media, the congress, and are doing all they can to hurt Americans. They’re pro abortion, anti gun rights, and filled with antisemitic hate filled bigots like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib.

The Democrats will tell you that it’s a women’s right to choose to kill her baby or not, and in the same day picket a death row inmate who raped and murdered countless women. They’re basically for keeping Americans alive, it’s truly sickening what the Democratic party has become.

So by all means Juan please keep spreading your nonsense about how Trump won’t leave office. There’s only one party in America clinging to power and that’s the Democrats.

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3 years ago

Soros has paid all his minions as a desperate last act, and I stress “last act” since Hillary’s execution, er er er I mean incarceration, Nov 2018 to stage an influx of FAKE VIDEOS, which Q warned us they would. Only this time, All the democrats participating, ie Corey Booker standing infront a floor to ceiling video (from 2016) at Selma Alabama of Hillary Clinton, pretending to have her sitting behind him as he spoke. Only the tech people are stupid and her head is twice as big as Corey’s, and things in the distance get smaller not bigger Corey.… Read more »