Joy Behar CRUSHED After Polls Show Americans Do Not Support Impeachment

Since his election and prior too, talk show host Joy Behar has shown significant opposition to President Trump and his administration.

Her dream of Impeachment is beginning to slip away..

According to The Federalist Papers, Behar talked about a new Quinnipiac poll that says that 51 percent, a majority, of the American voters are against impeachment.

“It looks like his tactics are working because last week, it was the opposite,” she said of the president’s approach to tweeting the facts.

“I would say the other side, I think that the Democrats’ tactics are failing and that’s really the problem,” Christie said.

“Why do you call them ‘tactics?’ They’re just protecting the Constitution,” Behar responded.

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Anthony Wood
Anthony Wood
1 year ago

Boo hoo Joy and pals…We feel really sorry in your time of grief…NOT!

Barbara J Rooney
Barbara J Rooney
1 year ago

Joy Behr is a real nut job. She spends endless hours of hating our President. She should use that energy towards volunteering or just keeping her big mouth shut!