Journalist & Investigator Matt Couch Sues NPR, Verizon Communications, Michael Isikoff, Others For Defaming Him In Seth Rich Investigation

As many of you may know by now, the founder of our website filed a large lawsuit against multiple individuals and entities who have defamed him. The press release can be found below.

After the never ending relentless pushback from the media and political establishment on any independent inquiry or investigation into the still unsolved murder of Seth Rich and the leak of DNC emails to Wikileaks, I have decided to take action. 

This all culminated in last years partisan Conspiracyland podcast produced by Yahoo News and ultimately controlled by Verizon Communications which was designed to smear and permanently discredit myself and others. 

I have decided to hold those who tried to ruin my life accountable. 

I will have no further comment at this time and all communications on this suit will be through my Attorney Eden Quainton of Quainton Law in New York City.

Matthew C. Couch

The DC Patriot 

You can read an article on the lawsuit from our friends at the National File.

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Maxine Snow
Maxine Snow
1 year ago

Good move

Joanne Fitzmaier
Joanne Fitzmaier
1 year ago

Good for you! Go get em. These people rip the heart out of others and don’t blink an eye. Too many people don’t fight back. ❤️🙏