The Jon Gruden lawsuit will go on in court after Nevada Judge Nancy Allf denied NFL motions to dismiss the lawsuit against the league on Wednesday. This is an early and huge victory for Gruden in his lawsuit against the NFL.

The NFL was attempting to get his lawsuit thrown out and force the issue into arbitration.  But Judge Allf denied the NFL’s request to thrown it out and also denied the request to force arbitration, according to ESPN.

In the same ESPN article, they said that this means the lawsuit Gruden filed after he resigned from the Raiders, following his emails leaking, will proceed forward to a trial unless a settlement is reached.

The former Las Vegas Raiders and Super Bowl-winning head coach Jon Gruden alleges that the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell created, “a malicious and orchestrated campaign” to leak the inappropriate emails sent by Gruden between 2010 and 2018.

After the emails leaked, which saw Gruden use a racial trope to criticize NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith in 2011 and other emails with homophobic, misogynistic and sexist insults, Gruden resigned from his head coach position with the Raiders in October.

The NFL released the following statement to Front Office Sports following Wednesday’s ruling:

“We believe Coach Gruden’s claims should have been compelled to arbitration, and we will file an appeal of the Court’s determination. “The Court’s denial of our motion to dismiss is not a determination on the merits of Coach Gruden’s lawsuit, which, as we have said from the outset, lacks a basis in law and fact and proceeds from a false premise — neither the NFL nor the Commissioner leaked Coach Gruden’s offensive emails.”

Gruden was in attendance as his attorney, Adam Hosmer-Henner of McDonald Carano, made the oral arguments while outside counsel Kannon Shanmugam argued on behalf of the NFL. 

With the denial of moving the motion into arbitration means that the case will move forward in court. A trial could lead to who exactly was behind the leak, among other information. One can imagine the things that could come up in discovery or through testimony on the stand. It’s looks like it could be a nightmare scenario for the NFL.

Let’s also remember that of all the emails found during the investigation into the Washington Commanders, only Gruden’s leaked, and we’re supposed to believe it wasn’t a coordinated hit.

Gruden ripped Goodell in private emails, some old offensive messages were strategically leaked to the press and he then lost his job, or forced to resign, but anyone who thinks that’s all just pure coincidence is living in a land of delusion.

It is pretty clear someone ordered the code red to have the emails released. Who was it? Well, we might find out if this gets to a trial. In this scenario, it probably won’t get to court and Gruden may get a healthy settlement.

Meanwhile, Gruden said the following outside the court, “We are going to let the process take care of itself.” d. “Good luck to the Raiders. Go Raiders. I don’t have anything [else] to comment on. This process will take care of itself. It’s good to be back in Vegas. I am going to see friends tonight.”

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