Joe Biden Says If Elected He Will ‘Cure Cancer’

We’ve seen some insane campaign promises to get elected, but this might be the most desperate and outlandish yet.

That’s right, Joe Biden has said if he’s elected President, he’s going to “Cure Cancer.”

I’ve watched two Grandfathers lose a battle with cancer. I’ve also watched my father battle cancer for 5 years now, and beat it twice. So if there is anyone that would love to see a cure for cancer, it’s this guy.

But making that as a campaign promise, it’s just ludicrous and desperate even for crazy Joe.

In the above video shared by my good friend conservative comedian Tim Young, you can see Biden literally claim he’s going to cure cancer. Unbelievable.

“Democrats promise tons of impossible hand-outs, but at least they’ve never fully jumped the shark and said they’d cure cancer.” Tim Young stated on Twitter. Joe Biden unfortunately had a hold my beer moment.

What are your thoughts on Biden’s insane claim?

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Stewart Combs
Stewart Combs
3 years ago

Democrats will promise anything.
If he could cure cancer why didn’t he save his son?
If he was to cure cancer he would be much more important than the president.
The pope would step down and appoint him pope.