Joe Biden Nominates a Communist and Anti-Bitcoin Advocate to Regulate United States Banks

Just when you thought what could go wrong on my Monday, well we have some news that shouldn’t shock you, but will definitely affect you.

Joe Biden had quite the list of insane nominees since taking office, from David Chipman, the rabid anti-gun grabber who wasn’t confirmed, to Tracey Stone-Manning, the former eco-terrorist who was. However Biden’s latest nominee may just be the cream of the crop of the crazies.

Saule Omarova, a professor from Cornell Law, has been put forward to be the Treasury Department’s Comptroller of Currency, which is essentially the position that regulates U.S. banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Omaraova is a Soviet-raised communist. This, per The New York Post.

President Biden’s controversial pick to be the Treasury Department’s comptroller of the currency is a USSR-born and educated professor who has praised the former Soviet Union’s lack of a gender pay gap while recently advocating for ending banking “as we know it” by moving Americans’ finances from private banks to the Federal Reserve…

…In 2019, she posted to Twitter in support of the “old USSR” where there was “no gender pay gap.” She attempted to do damage control after being criticized for it, but failed to fully condemn the Soviet Union.

“I never claimed women and men were treated absolutely equally in every facet of Soviet life. But people’s salaries were set (by the state) in a gender-blind manner. And all women got very generous maternity benefits. Both things are still a pipe dream in our society!” she wrote.

Praising the USSR as a beacon of human rights probably isn’t the most intelligent thing one can do. None of that makes her a communist, but what does is the fact that she’s written in support of federalizing the banking system, and making the government the sole lender in the country.

Wouldn’t that be lovely, The government being the only place you can borrow money from?

The government having the deed to your home, your car title, in control of everything you buy on credit, I mean who doesn’t love the government controlling these things?

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1 year ago

I can already see Cruz and Kennedy having a field day with THIS commie.