Jobs Report: 3 month average of new jobs at 224,000 per month under Trump Administration


The Mainstream Media who would never report on the success of jobs and unemployment under the Trump Administration couldn’t wait to try to attack them today. 157,000 new jobs created, which USA Today called “Disappointing” in a headline. Amazing how they stated nothing with all of the latest success.

Here’s what they won’t tell you. Every month after a jobs report, it goes up significantly and has continued to do so on previous months tallies. The Trump Administration stated the average for the 3 months is 224,000 new jobs per month, and they’re spot on.

We find it funny that the Mainstream media wouldn’t talk at all about the successful job reports, but are now attacking this one. This is what the Administration means when they say the press are the enemy of the American people.

The more we dig in, and the more they report, it’s hard to argue that the media is not being honest and truthful with the American people. They are literally doing all they can to attack this President and his Administration. They continue to be the right arm of the Democratic Party.

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