Jimmy Lee Tillman II: Joe Biden’s Handling of the Haitians at the Border Proves He’s a Racist

Alleged President Joe Biden’s handling of both the illegal immigration crisis and how our government is treating the Haitians proves that he’s a racist, according to Black Conservative and former GOP Congressional Candidate Jimmy Lee Tillman. The Left always cries about systemic racism, but the only party implementing systemic racism is the Democrat Party. Democrats are the party of racism, Jim Crow laws and slavery.

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The Joe Biden Administration finds themselves a part of yet another controversy, this time down at our Southern Border. The influx of illegal immigrants is completely out of control, and the Alleged President is not doing a single thing to stop this invasion from happening.

During this past week, we’ve seen the images going around social media of our border patrol supposedly whipping the illegal aliens at the border, and our government has been shipping the Haitians that have been trying to sneak across the border back to Haiti.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II had an interesting take on our government’s response to this controversy. First of all, as a Black Conservative who left the Democrat Party and supported Donald Trump during his presidency, Jimmy pointed out the double standard of the Democrats in this crisis at our Southern Border.

More children are in cages today than there ever was during the Donald Trump presidency, yet Trump was the racist, according to the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party. The Left accused Trump of racism for deporting illegal immigrants… yet when Joe Biden sends thousands of Haitians back to Haiti, there’s not a hint of racism being floated around. The double-speak is clear for all to see.

What most conservatives are not talking about, however, is the apparent racism that this border crisis is exposing regarding the Alleged President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Jimmy has been making it very clear that the Democrat Party is the party of racism, slavery and Jim Crow laws. That has not changed. They are still doing everything they can to enslave the black community.

When looking at the border crisis, Jimmy made the point that we allow millions of illegal immigrants into our country with open arms every single year… as long as they are coming from Central and South America. However, when it’s black illegal immigrants from Haiti, all of a sudden the Biden Administration ships them back to where they came from.

It’s clear looking at Joe Biden’s past that he’s a racist. The Democrat platform in general is racist, especially when you look at their refusal to implement school choice, which forces Black Americans to keep sending their children to some of the worst schools around.

This handling of illegal immigrants is yet another tangible piece of evidence at the racism of the Left, the Democrat Party and specifically Joe Biden. If we are going to have a border policy, it should be implemented even and fairly across the board. Jimmy is concerned that if we allow millions of Latino illegal immigrants but deport several thousand black illegal immigrants, that’s evidence of racism in the highest office in America.

As Americans, we cannot tolerate racism. Now, I’m not saying we should allow illegal immigrants in… I’m saying we should apply the law evenly across the board. Since our government is not doing so and picking winners and losers based upon their skin color, that’s a problem and we should root out racism wherever we find it.

In this instance, the way we combat racism is to root the Democrat Party out of our politics.
You can purchase Jimmy Lee Tillman’s book Tillman’s Handbook of Great Black American Patriots here: https://www.tillmanfamilypress.com/

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