On Thursday, Jesse Watters, in a segment of his Fox News’ show “Jesse Watters Primetime,” said the Democrats are flipping their positions on COVID-19 because they are seeing “Their power slipping away.” 

He showed footage of Democratic officials, notably New York Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, saying there is no longer a need for mandates and should be in the process of “freeing people from restrictions.” Watters was calling out Democratic lawmakers for more than two years of terrorizing Americans with COVID-19 protocols.

Watters response went like this, “Did they think we’re stupid? This is like wanting credit for taking your foot off somebody’s neck. Here’s your freedom back, peasant. I only hurt you because I love you. They terrorized us for two years. You couldn’t shop for groceries without hiding your face. You couldn’t eat out. You couldn’t work out. Well, I did. You couldn’t even go out to catch a movie.”

Watters continued his rant, “You couldn’t go to work, you couldn’t even go on vacation. You have to show your papers just to grab a cup of coffee here in New York. You couldn’t have weddings. (Dr. Anthony) Fauci told you, you couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family. Your children can’t see their classmate’s smile. People got fired because of mandates. But the Left wants us to forget that.”

Watters also said,” Pinning the blame on others, then taking credit for improving conditions and advocating for the end of mandates is the ‘evolution of the Democrats.’ Politics was the driving factor for their “change of heart.'”

He said, “This is the evolution of the Democrats. The party of blame has run out of patsies to pin their failure on. They went from ‘it was Trump’s fault to no, it was your fault so you can thank us later for saving your life.’ And why the sudden change of heart? Are Democrats seeing the light or seeing their power slip away?”

Watters proceeded in playing a segment of host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC citing polls finding that the American public is ready for the end of mandates. Mika said the polling is a message for how Democrats “need to position themselves” for the upcoming elections.

Watters responded after the clip, “She said the quiet part out loud. This is about politics. That’s why they flipped.”

The Guardian reported on Thursday that several states, many of them governed by Democrats, began rolling back mask mandates this week, a move public health experts warn could set back progress battling Covid.

On Wednesday, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York and Rhode Island joined California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Oregon in lifting mask mandates for some public places.

Many states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, are also set to lift school masks, while Illinois and New York will keep theirs for now. The governor of Pennsylvania lifted the school mask rule last month.

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