Jeff Sessions Breaks Silence ‘Accept the Results’

The Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke his silence for the first time publicly since being asked to resign by President Donald Trump.

Sessions said it is time for the country to “accept the results” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and “get on with the business of America.”

Speaking to students at Amherst College in Massachusetts yesterday, the former Attorney General said, “The process was followed and a decision has now been rendered. I think it deserves respect. I think it’s about time to accept the results and let’s get on with the business of America.”

Sessions said Mueller’s investigation was “carried out vigorously and with integrity.”

“We have the greatest legal process in the world and the investigation was done in an honorable way,” he said.

NBC News reports: “He said Congress does have oversight power but he believes it is time to accept that Mueller declined to recommend criminal charges against the president. Some Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings against Trump in light of the report that left open whether the president broke the law.”

Sessions’ speech yesterday was not without controversy. He was hosted by the Amherst College Republicans and the event was interrupted numerous times by protesters who interrupted and walked out of the lecture.

For the full story, click HERE.

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