James Woods NOT Twitter Banned, Temporary Suspension ONLY

I could give you a long draw out explanation on how I know that James Woods is not banned from Twitter, or I could just show you from my good friend Mike below.

As Mike Stated above, here it is again below. You get put in Twitter Jail. 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and it looks like in this case, a 28 day time out for James Woods.

  • James Woods technically was not suspended.
  • He was put in a Twitter time out.
  • Those typically last 7 days
  • A few of those and his account will get suspended, where it no longer exists.

So there you have it, the simplest explanation for how we know his account isn’t suspended. Also, if it was suspended, you would see nothing but an “Account Suspended” page.

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3 years ago

I have been banned twice, without being told anything. I can still access both accounts but cannot do anything and the feeds have stopped. I cannot even delete the banned accounts. When I have contacted Twitter Support (Oxymoron) I eventually get told I’m banned. The only thing I get when I log in is Your Account is Suspended and a link to the oxymoron “twitter support”. They suspended James for a whole lot less than I have posted on my first account, my second account went dark after I posted a meme on Alex Baldwins feed. The Meme was a… Read more »