James Woods Destroys Bernie Sanders Health Care for All in ONE Tweet

This is absolutely brilliantly worded, and needed by the one and only James Woods.

Bernie Sanders is of course imposing to pay for his Medicare for all that anyone making over $29,000 a year get taxed at 52%… Yes, you heard that right, 52% Taxes.

Check out how James Woods breaks this down for those not paying attention at home.

For those who can do simple arithmetic, here are some fun numbers on Bernie Sanders’ harebrained socialist schemes:” Woods tweeted

So if you make $31,200 per year before taxes, with Bernie’s play you’ll be making about $7.20 per hour, oh and that doesn’t include all of the other taxes that will come out. This is how socialism works, and destroys a nation. Pay attention, stop drinking the “Free Shit” Koolaid America.

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Matthew O'Beirne
Matthew O'Beirne
3 years ago

Been debunked bro. Straight up lies. Pls do some actual research instead of reading an incredibly biased Twitter feed :/

Kurt C Gustafson
Kurt C Gustafson
3 years ago

You realize you and James Woods are both idiots right?

Even if Woods was correct, his math would be off.

$31,200 – $29,0000 = $2,200

$2,200 x 52% = $1,140

$31,200 – $1,140 = $30,060

$30,060 / 2080 yearly work hours = $14.45 per hour.

tl/dr: James Woods doesn’t understand how marginal tax rates work.

3 years ago

Wow! I’m embarrassed *FOR YOU*. LMFAO