James Woods Breaks Down How Trump Destroyed Democrats Sanctuary City Narrative

James woods is one of the hardest working Conservative influencers on the planet. He works tirelessly to help spread the truth and to Keep America Great.

In a series of amazing tweets, Woods literally breaks down how President Trump in one weekend destroyed the Democrats sanctuary cities narrative.

“Trump is the toughest President we’ve had since Harry Truman. He takes the fight right to the enemy. If he dumps the invaders in the #Democrats’ backyards, they’re going to be doing some serious thinking about whether hijacking America with illegal votes is worth it. Great move”

He then took aim at the leader of the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi, as she all of a sudden has a problem with tens of thousands of illegals being dumped in her city.

Then he went after the idiot stick Governor of California Gavin Newsom.

Woods sums it up very nicely. The Democrats are quite simply all talk. They don’t gain any votes by flooding already liberal sanctuary cities with more illegals. They’ve literally been called out as the lying blowhards that they truly are.

The Democrats know he’s not bluffing, and they realize it would destroy their cities and communities of liberal haven. They have been weighed and measured unworthy yet again by this President.

Truly remarkable to watch the Democrats in a span of 72 hours become the biggest advocates for not releasing Illegals into the American community.

Well, let me rephrase that. They want to release them, just into conservative states and communities to try to turn them blue. They don’t want to release them into already liberal cesspools. That doesn’t help their narrative.

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