James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop, Used by Wikileaks Found Dead at age 36 (Apparent Suicide)


James Dolan, the co creator of Wikileaks used SecureDrop found Dead on January 9th with an apparent suicide. He was 36 years old. Dolan’s partner Aaron Swartz who was the co creator was found dead in 2013 of an apparent Suicide when the United States Government tried to prosecute him.

In January 2013, Aaron Swartz himself committed suicide as the US government was attempting to prosecute him for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act related to allegedly copying academic articles from JSTOR. SecureDrop was an unrelated side project he was working on at the time.

A few months after Aaron’s tragic death, Kevin Poulsen donated the SecureDrop project to FPF. He had hoped that the Freedom of the Press Foundation would finish the project. James was the only one left that knew the ins and outs of secure drop.

James was the first full time employee of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. James left FPF in August of 2015 after he felt the project was in a place where it could survive without him. Ever since, he had been working on the security team at Classy, a crowdfunding site for non-profit organizations located in San Diego.

James was a Marine, and a Iraqi War Veteran as well. We at America First Media Wish his Entire Family our sincerest condolences in these times. We will lift them up in prayer, and pray for gods healing and peace.

There is a full article about James Dolan here from Freedom of the Press Foundation.

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EA Defouw
EA Defouw
4 years ago

This happens frequently in Russia. Those not desired by Government, High profile People. Look at all the DEAD who crossed Bill & Hillary Clinton.
They are sending a message: Support me or us or you are DEAD.. You know the old phrase in China: ‘Kill one – warn 1,000’.

FreeSpeech (@BarbaraQuigley1)

Such a great loss, he will be missed and the truth will go on being published!

4 years ago

James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop, Used by Wikileaks Found Dead at age 36 (Apparent Suicide)

[…]Suicidal people display a variety of behaviors which can be indicative of potential suicidal risk.[…]