Ivanka Trump Volunteers with Christian Groups to Help Feed Floridians Hit by Hurricane Ian

The eldest daughter of former President Donald J. Trump, Ivanka Trump has volunteered with a Christian group to help feed Floridians hit hard by Hurricane Ian, where she and her family reside most of the year.

Ivanka distributed meals with City Serve, a non-profit group that works with local churches to meet local community needs, according to the Washington Times.

Mercy Chefs, which also participated in the operation, organizes volunteers to prepare meals in such circumstances.

Mrs. Trump was on the scene in both Napes and Fort Myers, per the Times.

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Ivanka expressed the inspiration she felt at witnessing all of the volunteers working together for the good of the community after such a horrific tragedy.

“Grateful to have joined CityServe, Mercy Chefs, and local churches in Fort Myers and Naples today to deliver emergency food, water, and supplies to families and first responders… In the face of unimaginable desolation, it was beautiful to see local communities and these organizations come together during such a difficult time,” she said of the endeavor.

Pastor Paula White-Cain, a longtime spiritual advisor to the former President was also working alongside Ivanka.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida in late September, at almost a Category 5 level, and carved a path of destruction through the sunshine state. President Joe Biden declared the disaster one of the deadliest in Florida history.

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