Ivanka Trump Sends 1 Million Meals to Ukrainian Refugees on Polish Border

The daughter and adviser of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, Ivanka Trump has sent 1 million meals to Ukrainian refugees.

According to the report, the meals amount to 158,400 pounds of food to Ukrainians.

Ivanka has already purchased the meals and they will be delivered to refugees on the Poland-Ukraine border.

Trump worked to connect several nonprofit organizations, including CityServe, City of Destiny and Mercy Chefs to help package shelf-stable meals of oatmeal and goulash. The choices of meals came from advised food preferences of aid workers in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian people have shown inspiring courage and resilience during the invasion of their country by Russia,” Trump told Fox News. “As is often the case, pain and hardship are disproportionately borne by the most vulnerable.”

“With this food, I hope to provide a small source of comfort and nourishment for Ukrainians who are suffering so greatly,” she said.

Her mother Ivana Trump grew up in Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia and she holds a close place in her heart. Her 96-year-old grandmother who lives with her in Florida still teachers her children the “treasures of freedoms,” a source stated.

Thanks to our friends at Fox News for contributing to this article.

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RJ Miller
RJ Miller
9 months ago

Yet you never hear of any thing good from any of the Trump family. They have been doing good for years before President Trump ever ran for office and will continue long after he gas retired because the “giving nature” is being passed down from each generation.