“It’s Disgraceful”: Congressman McCaul Tears Into Biden Administration and Pelosi for Refusing to Use the Word ‘China’ in Bill

Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas is teeing off on the Biden administration because they refuse to even use the word China in their own White House Statement of Administration Policy bill.

McCaul is calling out the White House for not even using the word China in their own legislature, unbelievable they refuse to even say the word “China.”

“If the White House and Speaker Pelosi cared about accelerating American competitiveness and countering the CCP, they would have conferenced bipartisan legislation months ago — instead of spoiling sound science and tech investments with partisan, ill-conceived poison pill policies.”

A House GOP-affiliated Twitter account called out Biden and the White House for that, saying “If the @WhiteHouse & @SpeakerPelosi cared about accelerating American competitiveness & countering the #CCP, they would have conferenced bipartisan legislation months ago–instead of spoiling sound science & tech investments with partisan, ill-conceived poison pill policies.

And disgraceful it is. The bill McCaul is commenting on (available here) is theoretically meant to take on Red China by funding the American semiconductor industry, giving it the resources and funds it needs to both wean itself off the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing base and fix the supply chains wrecked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It would do so by increasing funding for those institutions that research semiconductor manufacturing and are vulnerable to Chinese espionage, giving them the funds and money they need to fight back and resist Chinese influence by stopping them from having to accept Chinese grants and funds.

It’s directed squarely at China, obviously meant to help America grapple with the Red Dragon before it completely overtakes us. So, from an idea perspective, it’s a fine bill that would help America fight its greatest enemy.

The devil is, however, in the details. Specifically, in two details.

One is that the anti-China bill, as McCaul points out, doesn’t even include the word “China.” Businesses are being asked to compete against a nation that the leader of the nation is afraid to name.

The other problem is a provision of the bill that creates an amnesty program for those academics that have taken Chinese dollars, allowing them to disclose what they’ve done without fear of retribution.

That amnesty program will be taken as weakness by the Red Chinese and likely encourage them to further infiltrate US institutions, knowing that the repercussions of doing so are quite limited. Sen. Marco Rubio said as much in a statement on the subject, saying:

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