Former President Donald Trump brought his “American Freedom Tour” to Austin, Texas last Saturday and promised “to take back our beautiful, beautiful, beautiful White House” in 2024.

Trump criticized Democrats for a litany of issues, including inflation and immigration, during the Austin rally where he urged conservative supporters to help the Republican Party take control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

Trump told the crowd of thousands at the Austin Convention Center, “I ask you to get ready to work, get ready to fight, get ready to win, and win like never before. Together, we will take back the House, we will take the Senate, and we will take back our country.” He spoke for more than an hour to an enthusiastic crowd estimated at 8,000 people.

With the United States struggling under the Biden administration’s policies, the call for the former President to run again, are reaching a fever pitch. In response, the leader of the MAGA movement continues teasing his supporters by withholding his official announcement that he is running again in 2024, whiled still throwing out hints of his decision.

Trump highlighted a handful of candidates with his endorsement, most notably embattled Attorney General Ken Paxton, the state official Trump called “a fighter like no other” who is facing Land Commissioner George P. Bush in a GOP primary runoff this month.

The former president also reiterated his support for Senator Dawn Buckingham in her quest to become Texas Land Commissioner, former state Senator Pete Flores in his campaign to reenter the Legislature, Phil Sorrells in the Tarrant County district attorney race and Frederick Frazier in House District 61.

“The Donald” was the last speaker of the day and took the stage after remarks by Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State and CIA director under Trump, Donald Trump, Jr, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host.

Besides mentioning the candidates he is endorsing during the runoff election, Trump largely limited his remarks to national issues and the challenges he faced during his presidency.

Trump told his supporters, “Our country in many ways is being destroyed by Democrats. The Biden disasters are too numerous to count, but inflation is the highest in nearly 50 years. Gas prices have reached the highest price ever in the history of our country, destroying families.”

The former president also touched on several flashpoint topics that have energized those on the far right, including public education, border security and voting integrity. He also raised his claims of the 2020 election being stolen.

Trump commented, “Under a Republican Congress, we will once and for all ban critical race theory in our schools and we will stand up for parental rights.”

He also told his supporters he doesn’t care what they call him, he just wants a border. “Call me conservative. Call me liberal. I want a border. I want voter ID. I want low taxes. Call me liberal. Call me anything you want, but when you think about it, most of it, ‘It’s Common Sense,'” Trump told the audience.

Polls have Mr. Trump way ahead of anyone publicly considering running against him for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2024. Who the MAGA President will run against in the general election in 2024 is anybody’s guess in 2022.

Regardless if it’s Ole Sleepy Joe or even crooked Hillary, millions of Americans around the nation are already getting ready for the November 2024 election.

With the explosive information in Dinesh DeSouza’s 2000 Mules taking the nation by store, many of the shenanigans the democrats pulled off in 2020 will not be repeated.

With a fair election and Donald Trump on the ticket, his expectation of winning a second term is very high for those who love God and Liberty, not big government.

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Douglas Soutar
Douglas Soutar
6 months ago

Looks like Pres. Trump is continuing to make an excellent case against the other party and the damage they are doing to our country.

6 months ago

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