Is There a Shortage of Santa Clauses This Christmas?

Thanks to Joe Biden, Santa Claus may not be coming to town when he’s called out for parties and festivities this Christmas Season, because there’s a national worker shortage that’s now affecting even Santa Clauses

That’s right, with the nations major shopping malls already signing the best Santa Clauses onto contracts, but there aren’t enough people willing to dawn the red suit and beard as holiday parties return to normal this year.

Just like almost every other field in America, the demand is outweighing the supply, even for Santas for Hire, who can make a lot of money for their services.

Some Santas can draw as much as $30 per hour but more experienced Santas, especially those who grow their own beards, don’t need fake padding, and look authentic can make $150 an hour or even more.

“Across the board, I’ve seen an uptick in the number of requests, but once I’m full, I’m full,”  Doug Eberhardt, a Santa based in Charlotte, North Carolina, told The Post. “I’ve got 92 gigs booked between now and Christmas.”

Another company, HireSanta, which provides Santa Clauses and Mrs. Santas, has been turning away people’s requests for weeks they said. HireSanta was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, and reached a deal with one of the original founding Sharks Barbara Corcoran.

“Several hundred Santas and Mrs. Clauses, over the last 18 months, have passed away, and it’s just a tragedy,” said HireSanta founder Mitch Allen. Not all of them died of COVID, he stressed, but still, there are many Santas who are worried about having children who haven’t gotten their shots sitting on their laps. 

Santa Tim Connaghan, who has been called the “National Santa” because of his high-profile roles in parades and for Toys for Tots, told The Post that at least 18% of his fellow Santas are sitting this year out. 

Connaghan said he’s also cutting back this year, even though he’s gotten his shots, and he’s encouraging others to do the same.

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