Is The Deep State Fix Already In For The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is beginning today, and many conservatives are chomping at the bit for the Deep State to get exposed in this case. Unfortunately, it appears as if the Deep State has already rigged the trial… the fix might already be in.

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I’m hearing conservatives everywhere ecstatic that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial has officially begun. Everyone keeps saying that this is going to be “the one that exposes the Deep State.” Ghislaine holds they keys, they say, and it’s only a matter of time before Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Biden family and Bill Gates are finally arrested and thrown into prison for their horrific abuse of children. All of this hinges on the expectation that Ghislaine Maxwell is going to sing like a bird and expose just how Deep the Deep State actually is.

Not so fast. When we put this into the proper perspective, this trial might not be what we’d all hoped for.

It’s becoming apparent that the Deep State is rigging this court case, just like they did the 2020 Election. On Twitter earlier, Jack Posobiec pointed out that one of the lead prosecutors is the child of a Deep State operative. Yes, that is correct… Maurene Comey, daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey who exposed himself as nothing but a patsy for the Shadow Government working against President Donald Trump, is in fact “prosecuting” Ghislaine Maxwell. Nothing to see here, folks.

Now, to understand why having the former FBI Director’s daughter prosecuting Ghislaine Maxwell is a problem, I point you to the Netflix documentary Filthy Rich, which documented the Jeffrey Epstein story. Setting aside the obvious conflict of interest for Patterson, given that he’s personal friends with Bill Clinton (whom he also co-authored a book with), it was a deep dive into the crimes committed by Epstein and Maxwell, featuring interviews with their victims and the investigators seeking to prosecute Epstein.

The documentary showed that Epstein was actually protected by our very own government, despite the numerous charges and allegations about sex trafficking and prostitution with young girls… in other words, pedophilia. The investigators were thwarted left and right from getting to the bottom of the case.

The question become… why?

It became apparent that Jeffrey Epstein was an asset of our own government. That has been documented. What hasn’t been clear is for what purpose? There are many theories floating around. The theory that appears to be most accurate is the one alleging that Epstein would invite powerful world leaders to his island to divulge in utterly despicable activities, including pedophilia, document it and then use it as blackmail.

The theory that many have alleged is that Epstein was an asset of the Deep State exactly for this purpose. This would make sense, since the list of those traveling on his plain to Epstein Island include the likes of Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Tony Blair, David Koch and many others. Lin Wood alleged that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was blackmailed by either Epstein or someone similar performing some horrific acts that should not even be spoken of. 

Think about it… if these world leaders were captured on camera by Epstein, they then became owned by the Deep State within our very own government. 

IF this is all true, then it would make sense why they placed the daughter of James Comey as a lead prosecutor in this case. The fix might be in. Assets of the Deep State are not going to expose and prosecute the Deep State’s actions. The government won’t expose itself. This conspiracy is so massive that if the government were to expose the true depths of depravity among our leaders, our government might actually implode.

All this to say that we should definitely be paying close attention to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. However, let’s have realistic expectations. The Deep State is doing what they always do to ensure their continue power. They aren’t going to go down without a fight. Don’t expect this trial to be what unravels the whole conspiracy. The Deep State won’t let that happen.


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