Is Manhattan DA Cy Vance Considering Criminal Charges for President Donald Trump’s Business Empire under Little RICO Statute

If you want to see what corruption looks like, look no further than Mayors, Governors, Attorney Generals, and District Attorneys that reside in the state of New York.

Manhattan District Attorney Ty Vance could be considering a criminal charge that former President Donald J. Trump’s business empire was a corrupt enterprise under a New York law resembling the federal racketeering statute known as RICO, former prosecutors and defense attorneys stated.

New York’s enterprise corruption statute, which carries the potential for severe penalties, can be applied to money-making businesses alleged to have repeatedly engaged in criminal activity in a way to boost their own bottom line.

“I’m sure they’re thinking about that,” veteran Manhattan defense attorney Robert Anello said. “No self-respecting state white-collar prosecutor would forgo considering the enterprise corruption charge.”

The state law, often referred to as “little RICO” can be involved with proof of as few as three crimes involving a business or other enterprise and can carry a prison term of up to 25 years, along with a mandatory minimum of one to three years.

“It’s a very serious crime,” said Michael Shapiro, a defense attorney who used to prosecute corruption cases in New York. “Certainly, there are plenty of things an organization or business could do to run afoul of enterprise corruption, if they’re all done with the purpose of enhancing the revenue of the enterprise illegally. … It’s an umbrella everything else fits under.”

The corrupt weaponized elected officials in New York have been battling over access to Trump’s tax returns, Trump Organization records, among other things, but no charges have been filed.

A Spokesman for Vance’s office declined to comment on what prosecutors were considering. Attorneys for the Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment, but Trump himself has denounced Vance’s ongoing prove as a politically inspired witch hunt.

“This is purely political, and an affront to the almost 75 million voters who supported me in the Presidential Election, and it’s being driven by highly partisan Democrat prosecutors,” Trump said in a statement Tuesday, following reports that Vance impaneled a special grand jury to hear testimony about potential crimes involving the Trump organizations.

“New York City and State are suffering the highest crime rates in their history, and instead of going after murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, and others, they come after Donald Trump,” the former president added.

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