Is Hiden Joe Biden Back on the Campaign Trail?

It appears that Joe “Hiden” Biden may be back on the campaign trail.  He appeared at Alexis I. DuPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware today and gave a speech where he outlined a plan that could control the virus, saying Trump was not doing anything and should adopt his plan immediately.

Biden outlined the plan, which includes increased testing and rigorous contact tracing, and follows a road map that Biden released in March that he said would have saved lives if it had been adopted. 

Biden said, “We need real plans, real guidelines.”  Biden also stressed the need to provide more protective supplies to health care workers and for citizens to wear a mask in public and stressed that the virus is still here and a threat to public health still remains.

The former vice president has continuously blamed President Trump for his handling of the pandemic in speeches and on social media.  On Monday, Biden tweeted a graphic from the New York Times that showed the U.S. coronavirus infection rate surpassing that of Europe, Canada and Japan.  Along with his tweet of the graphic Biden commented, “The President spent his weekend golfing.”

I, for one have watched and have been amazed at the stamina and energy of President Trump.  He works around 20 hours per day, usually seven days a week.  I am happy he took a day to play golf, relax and rest.  He is a working President, and I don’t believe he has taken a vacation since taking over the White House.  He has earned an occasional day of golf, or week end at a resort with his family.

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Joyce issued the party’s criticism of Biden ahead of the Tuesday speech.  “Joe Biden’s 40-year record is such a complete failure that he’s has blatantly refused to hold a press conference over the past 89 days.”  “Meanwhile, Delawareans know that President Trump is a winner; President Trump built the greatest economy in the history of the world and he’s going to do it again.” 

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