Is Cancel Culture Really the Death of Comedy?

In a recent interview, Scottish comedic duo The Krankies said they’d “never get away” with much of the material created during their decades-long career if it were released today. Star Ian Tough stated, “Today, I don’t think you can put half the material out, it wasn’t politically correct, but it was huge.”  

The Scottish comedians said their comedy act, Wee Jimmy Krankie, wouldn’t be accepted by “woke” critics and would have most likely been cancelled.

Ian said: “Today, I don’t think you can put half the material out, it wasn’t politically correct, but it was huge.

“It got something like 80 million views in the days, we wouldn’t be allowed on your television today.

“We would probably not get away with what we did now. These days you wouldn’t get half the material out.

“It wouldn’t be allowed on your telly today. We’d have to do different material. Janette dressing up as a wee boy?

“That would likely cause offence, and me dressing up as a woman would cause offence too,” he explained.

Touching on how the Britain’s Got Talent star reacted to their comedy sketch, Janette revealed: “Susan loved it, she came to watch the show.

“But I don’t think I will be dressing up as Jimmy anymore. I’m 75 and probably a bit too old to be throwing myself around on stage these days.

“But it was a wonderful time, and we made some great memories and hopefully made a lot of people laugh.”

Comedian and host Bill Maher expressed a similar sentiment in a recent monologue, saying society is owed an apology by those fueling cancel culture for the jokes we will never hear.

Maher criticized the “GenZ at elite colleges” for promoting restrictions on humor, stating, “We have got to get past this endless, unforgiving, zero-tolerance mindset bent on punishing and disappearing anyone caught saying the wrong thing. The right response to speech you don’t like is more speech, not the lazy, cowardly response of canceling people.”   

Maher fears, “Soon there will be nothing to joke about but airline food and Starbucks getting your name wrong.”   

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