Is America Too Far Gone? The Federalist Faction Discusses ‘End of An American Era’

I recently joined The Federalist Faction to discuss with Schumann whether we are witnessing the end of the American era. Here are my thoughts.

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Over the past two years of the supposed covid-19 “pandemic,” we’ve seen a fundamental change in America. Not only did we witness the attempt by the Democrats to incite race wars through the Black Lives Matter riots. Not only did we witness the insurrection of November 3rd, 20202, where we watched the Left steal the presidential election from the rightful POTUS, Donald Trump. Not only have our Constitutional Rights been trampled upon by the elites that are in power.

But the most fundamental shift in America has been the changed mindset of a large portion of Americans. We’ve witnessed tens of millions of citizens enthusiastically made their God-given Constitutional Rights for a perceived “safety.” And that’s not even getting into the fact that what was exchanged for your rights is neither safe nor effective.

Like I always say, maybe I’m jaded because I live in Communist California. I’ve witness countless numbers of friends brag on social media how they are helping protect you and I by getting the experimental jab, otherwise known as the Poison Death Shot. They look at me when I tell them that I’m not vaccinated and will never do so. They slowly back away when they see that I’m not wearing the face diaper, which is not actually effective against respiratory viruses.

I point them to the data coming out of the CDC, such as the fact that I am nearly twice as much protected from Covid after surviving Omicron, otherwise known as a headache, low fever and a lingering cough. Even though I’m citing the CDC numbers, they start looking around for my tin foil hat.
I point them to the Pfizer report that the FDA cited in the approval letter of the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnity vaccine, which points out that there’s actually less than 1% increase in protection against covid-19, and that minuscule protection was only tested for 7 days after getting The Jab. And let’s not even get into the fact that Pfizer knows how many people died after getting injected, but they didn’t include it in the report because it wasn’t apparently relevant to whether Comirnity is safe or effective. 

I’ll literally pull up the pages with the official reports and show them the data and they still won’t
believe me. There’s a spiritual blindness that’s taken over the American people, where they cannot see what is happening right in front of them.

With that understanding, the natural next question is: Is America too far gone?

It would be easy to claim that. However, I am here to tell you that it’s never too late. All it takes is a revival of truth. Often times when it seems most impossible is when God works to turn things around.
This means that we approaching that glorious moment where historically God has moved in mighty ways. He’s brought entire nations to repentance and restored the righteous to leadership. Will he do that again? It’s entirely possible. But only God knows.

Schumann has led a series on The Federalist Faction, breaking down whether we are witnessing the end of America. I joined him for the second hour of the show to discuss what we can do to turn things around.

It’s incumbent upon us to simply be obedient and do everything in our power to wake up those around us caught up in this spiritual blindness. Then we just trust God for the rest.
This is how we save America.

Here’s the description of this episode  from The Federalist Faction:

Welcome back to the First installment of the Federalist Faction for the year and also the conclusion to the End of the American Era Series. Your actions are influenced by the thoughts you have and those thoughts are influenced by the people around you. This runs very similar to how a nation develops.

The people who make up a country push it into the direction they want it to go, but at times unaccounted circumstances arise, and opportunities by the corrupt are taken. We were once a nation of virtue and respected among the world. That era, the era of America is over. What can we do to bring it back and how long will it take?

Jeff Dornik joins the show in the second half to discuss.

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Tegan Dodd
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Noah Lehr
Noah Lehr
1 year ago

If we don’t clean out the Marxists from education, then nothing else we do will matter. None of it. Fighting the education monolith is a hugely daunting prospect and it is nowhere near certain Americans still have the stuff it takes to fight a real battle for the country. And fighting a radicalized left wing, Marxist based, combination of teachers, teacher’s unions, the FBI, politicians, and the endless lawsuits and violence that is typical of the left today, would be very hard. But what other way is there? Totalitarianism? Because that’s where we are descending to right now.