IRONY: Portland Rioters Smash Into Mayor’s Apartment Complex, Try to Set it on Fire

The irony in Portland is out of control. The Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler continues to cater to people that want him to resign, have shamed him, and he just keeps going on with his insanity babying them.

Wheeler has a swank condo in Portland’s wealthy district known as the Pearl District. Rioters and Protesters continue to storm the area and try to force him out of office, even though he supports everything they are doing, it’s absolutely hilarious and laughable at best.

As you can see from the reporting of Sergio Olmos below, they literally wanted to burn Ted Wheelers building down.

Eventually the group of anarchists settled on just burning a picnic table, that’s how insane these people. Instead of burning down Wheelers high end apartment/condo complex.

If it was your house however, no one would even blink an eye to help you in Portland. However because it was the Mayor’s house who supports Antifa and BLM, the police were ordered to rush in and stop the anarchists. Yes folks, we’re not the Babylon Bee, but it sure does feel that way with this story.

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