IRONY: Glacier National Park Removing ‘All Glaciers Will Be Gone by 2020’ Signs

More proof that climate change is a hoax America. Check this out!

Glacier National Park is removing signs that state all glaciers will be melted by 2020.

According to Glacier National Park spokeswoman Gina Kurzmen she stated that since the early 2000s scientists have reflected and analyzed data stating glaciers would recede by 2020. Apparently that didn’t happen, right Ms. Kurzmen?

She told MTN News that the latest research shows shrinking, but in ways much more complex than what was predicted. Because of this, the park must update all signs around the park stating all glaciers will be melted by 2020.

You mean basically that climate change is a hoax, right Gina? This has to be the greatest Irony so far of 2020 for liberals and climate change hoaxers.

The sign at St. Mary’s Visitor Center was removed in May of 2019 and other signs will be removed around the park as budgets permit.

This is laughable, let us know when the worlds going to end, you all have been doing a bang up job with this nonsense since WWII.

You can read more from our friends over at KBZK.

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