IRATE Crowds Force Canadas Justin Trudeau to Cancel Campaign Events

Canadas federal election is fast approaching and will take place on September 20. However Canadians have had enough of feckless leader Justin Trudeau who’s locked them down and mandated them to death almost.

A campaign event for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was canceled over safety concerns as angry anti-masker and anti-lockdown protesters rallied against him.

“I need freedom,” read one sign held by a protester in Bolton, Ontario, on Friday. While others repeatedly screamed, “F*** Trudeau!,” and people were seen waving their middle fingers at the prime minister. 

The event was first postponed by two hours on Friday, and then was eventually cancelled with the dictator realized the crowd wasn’t going away.

“Canadians have had a hard year,” Trudeau told reporters after the event was canceled. “And these protesters have also had a hard year. … I know and I feel the anger, the frustration, perhaps the fear.”

“But we must meet that anger with compassion.”

The anger was in response to the Canadian governments draconian lockdowns, arresting pastors, and taking their freedoms and liberties away. The protestors and most Canadians want no more of Trudeau.

Earlier this month, Trudeau said that people would be banned from boarding any plane, train or cruise ship in Canada unless they are fully vaccinated. All government employees are also required to get the vaccine, along with airlines and railways employees. He also announced on Friday that if he’s reelected, a $1 billion program would be established to assist provinces in developing vaccination passport programs. 

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” one Liberal volunteer told the Toronto Star. “We’re being followed around, and they’re really well-prepared … We’ve been seeing protesters from Markham to B.C. that are the same people.”

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