National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed last Monday that Iran is fast-tracking the transfer of hundreds of drones, including weapons capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia.

In a press briefing, Sullivan highlighted the enormous price Russia is paying in weapons and equipment to sustain marginal progress in eastern Ukraine as it depletes vast supplies of artillery. He also addressed U.S. assistance to Ukraine saying, “This is just one example of how Russia is looking to countries like Iran for capabilities that are also being used, I might add, or have been used before we got the ceasefire in place in Yemen, to attack Saudi Arabis.”

According to Politico, U.S. officials told them Russian’s decision to purchase drones from Iran signifies it is desperate to restock munitions and has few international partners to turn to.

Sullivan continued “Our information further indicates that Iran is preparing to train Russian forces to use these UAVs with initial training sessions slated to begin as soon as early July.” Sullivan added, “The U.S. did not know whether Iran had already transferred the drones to Russia at that time.”

Michael Kofman, a research program director in Russia Studies Program at the Center for Naval Analyses told Politico, “While training on foreign systems is always an issue with weapons transfers, Russian forces could adapt to the use of Iranian-made UAVs quickly.”

According to Kofman, “Russian forces have been losing reconnaissance drones in large numbers. Their own production capacity for armed drones is still nascent. They may be interested in Iranian loitering munitions or combat drones. This is one area where Iran may have more capacity.”

Russian and Iran have worked in cooperation with each other previously, as they both helped prevent U.S. attempts to renegotiate the Iranian nuclear deal over sanctions issues in March.

Iran and Russia are also showing their intentions to work with each other on energy and trade, according to Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi. Raisi said in a statement, “We pursue relations with Russian with the framework of strategic relations.”

The United States and its Western allies have sent billions in weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, while it has used the notorious Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones to destroy Russian vehicles, Forbes has reported.

The U.S. and other western nations have continued to send more weaponry to Ukraine, seemingly ignoring Russian President Vladimir Putin warnings to Western nations. Moscow’s ambassador to Washington said, “Putin has told the U.S. and its allies that large deliveries of weapons were inflaming the conflict and would lead to more losses.

To this point, The United States, its allies and partners worldwide are united in support of Ukraine in response to Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine. 

We appreciate our friends at the Daily Caller for their contributions in this article.

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