Internal Political Corruption Stalling Nevada Election Audit

While other Battleground states are either currently running audits or about to be, one highly contested state is not…and it’s not because the citizens there aren’t demanding one. Signed and notarized affidavits have been flooding Nevada State desks all week, demanding a full forensic election audit of the 2020 election that they’re guaranteed through according to their own State Constitution. Dozens of registered letters and affidavits demanding a forensic election audit were sent to Nevada’s Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, and multiple other necessary officials….and so far NONE have answered despite a response being legally required.

Apparently the powers that be in Nevada fully intend to just never address the issue hoping it “all goes away” ….which I assure you judging by the Patriots in the state, they’re not going to just “let it drop.” With over half of regular Americans believing that some kind of voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election as well as 30% of Democrats themselves, you would *think* the government would welcome an audit to set the record straight, unite a divided country, and repair the transparency required after an election that we weren’t given during it. Innocent people don’t scoff at an opportunity to have their work validated….but guilty people do. If the attempt to fight audits and delete evidence before handing it in (that occurred in Arizona) are any sign of guilty politicians….

….than we can expect the same corruption and resistance here in Nevada as well.

So why the standstill when unexplained anomalies, lack of election transparency, and fraud is showing up in other states as their audits push through? First you have to understand that Nevada is a state rife with corruption, from Governor Steve Sisolak who’s first act of duty was to make recalling him harder, to our 4 time arrested Attorney General Aaron Ford, to our Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske who loosed election integrity so bad that her own party censured her for it. The main problem with pushing through the (legally required) audit is that you’re basically asking these people to investigate themselves for fraud.

Over $3 million dollars of Mark Zuckerberg’s money cannot be accounted for in Maricopa County…the same county currently amid an election audit that’s revealed some massive amounts of fraud. The same goes for Nevada as well, where $2.3 million of Zuckerberg money was spent in Clark County, where an unitemized paper trail states vaguely and suspiciously it was used for nothing more other than “planning” and to secure election “administration.” Kind of sounds like they used it pay themselves out, perhaps someone needs to file an FOIA on them immediately.

To this day, Nevada’s Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has yet to explain why counting was “stopped” but allowed to continue after observers were sent home, why security cameras weren’t allowed to be used to protect the entire process, how several precincts in Nevada had over 100% voter turnouts, or why Election Czar Joe Gloria prevented poll watchers from properly observing and told them to ignore ballot discrepancies.

Despite everything I’ve just stated, Barbara Cegavske has officially stated that she found “no evidence to support the state GOP’s claim of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 general election.” Did she actually define what she considers enough to be “widespread?” No, and how could she? She openly admits in her own statement that her and her staff “didn’t have the time” to properly research the evidence…evidence brought forth by people who seem to care a whole lot more about voter fraud than she does considering it’s part of her damn job. It’s interesting that she says she didn’t have the “time” when 360 News Las Vegas obtained Cegavske’s calendar for October and November and uncovered that she actually barely had anything scheduled on her work calendar at all, other than a few calls or speeches that couldn’t possibly take up more than a couple of hours each day.

Is there some other job she has to do right now that’s more important than looking into the most suspicious election we’ve ever seen in our lives? She even admits her office didn’t put much work into investigating election fraud by stating they only did a minuscule 125 hours of research on it, which let me tell you…is NOTHING when it comes writing a proper research article or expose. Instead of bothering to at least do the same amount of work others did, she lazily took a small sampling, looked them up on a computer, came up with a statistic, and called it a day. We don’t even know if the few samples she chose were cherry-picked either. So how does she explain all the irregularities researchers and other people found? Right off the bat in her statement she accuses them of just “not knowing” what they’re looking at….and don’t expect her to explain it further than that either.

I know these things aren’t easy to read and they’re always written way more complicated than they need to be to make it confusing on purpose, so let me break it down piece by piece just to show you how completely shady Cegavske with her poorly attempted “explanations.”

A) Illegal Alien Votes: In Nevada, illegal aliens are allowed (for some reason) to apply for driver’s licenses at the DMV, when they do so, they are automatically registered to vote unless they happen to catch that they need to opt out of it. Aside from muddying up voter registration rolls in general, this policy also makes felons out of unknowing immigrants who may not catch where they need to opt out and subsequently accidentally end up committing a felony. This set up for failure is proudly brought to you by Cegavske herself. In her official statement she concluded that 4,057 illegal immigrants were registered in this manner AND showed they did indeed illegally vote in the 2020 Election. Sounds like a problem to any sane person, but Cegavske dismissed it away as “only” 5% of illegal aliens voted this way and they could have maybe been naturalized along the way (are you guessing?) so it’s not a big deal.” She also states that since you can’t ask for proof of citizenship when people register to vote (um, why?) she’s just going to take their word for it if that they’re legal (you’re going to take the word of people already committing a crime by being here illegally that they’re legal?) Can you just take my word for it that I’m going to pay all my taxes too, since that’s how you think it works? Or does the government suddenly believe in audits when it comes to getting their money? I get a feeling the SOS wasn’t expecting anyone to thoroughly examine the fine print in her statement.

B) 2,479 people managed to mail back their ballots and vote, despite having permanently changed their address to somewhere “out of state” more than 30 days before the election: Cegavske goes on to explain that these people simply might have went off to college, or maybe joined the military, or had their mail forwarded to the state they now live in (exactly, they don’t live here.) She uses words like “may” because she didn’t actually look into any of it whatsoever. She’s literally just throwing out ideas to explain it away. She even admits that mail-in ballots make it easy to skirt around residency requirements, but that it doesn’t “warrant any further investigation.” Oh good for you not doing any work and deciding you don’t need to do any more. Who let these mail-in ballots (which the Governor has now made permanent despite the national embarrassment caused by loose ballots being found all over the state) get sent out to everyone dead or alive again? Oh yea, you did. I don’t know about you, but if I were in charge of the fate of the entire country, I’d do a little bit more research than random “guessing.”

C) 1,506 people voted after they died: While this seems like an easy (albeit time consuming) thing to solidly prove, Cegavske comes to the conclusion that only 10 people voted after they died after referring to the Vital Statistics Registrars (yea, I’ve never heard of it either) where funeral homes report deaths, or something vague like that. Keep in mind, that the people who put forth this data cross-referenced 2020 voter polls with the Social Security Administration Master Death File, Consumer Data Vendors, Public Obituary Data Matches, and the Credit Bureau itself. If anyone knows when someone’s dead, it’s a loan or credit card company that person owes money to. You’ll notice as this continues, Cegavske didn’t bother to put any actual work into this.

D) 42,284 ballots are duplicate votes/people that voted twice: Cegavske details how if they’re double votes than she can safely assume that at least half of them are valid, so technically only only 21,142 votes are in question (Oh are they? I’m guessing it was just too hard to put someone at the office on that too.) She goes on to explain that the issue “may merely have been duplicate registration or other data entry errors.” “May?” So you didn’t actually do any research work on the other half of these numbers either, just more lazy assumptions and guesses. Cegavske also goes on to explain to us mere plebes, that we could never prove/disprove of people voted twice on our own anyway because the information is simply “not publicly accessible” (even though it apparently is.) So basically the only person that can do a thorough investigation good enough for her, is Cegavske herself….and she’s outright refusing to do so. Man, it must be nice to be in charge of covering up your own crimes.

E) 8,842 voters were purported to be illegally registered at commercial properties: Cegavske yet again refused to do a full investigation, checks a sample of only 369 of those addresses from a computer, checks personally on none of them, finds 9 that are definitely businesses with no living space, ignores checking the rest, deems it too low to care about, and calls it another day. I guess it’s not like this is super important in effecting the entire fate of an entire country or anything.

But wait there’s more, after sampling only 369 out of 8,111 that were purportedly sent to non-addresses, they discovered 95% of them were a valid address….they just “don’t receive street delivery from the USPS.” Oh?They don’t receive mail? SO HOW DID THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR BALLOTS DELIVERED TO THEM? Doesn’t matter, because Cegavske comes to the conclusion yet again, that none of this requires any further investigation.

I could continue with her wonton refusal to investigate herself, but honestly there’s two greater issues involving fraud in Nevada that aren’t even mentioned in her statement.

F) First off, there’s a very illegal issue in the way the ballot signatures were matched…as in they were never matched at all. Instead of visually confirming that signatures were at least similar (which is the legal requirement) Cegavske invested in “machines” that would match the signatures…machines that were set to such a low standard of matching that 89% of bad signatures still went through. This is a problem easily solved by asking for government ID when people vote, but despite popular pro-voter ID opinion the Democrats still insist it’s “racist” to ask somehow. Nevermind the fact you need an ID to validate every other single transaction in this country…except certify ballots apparently. Interesting how it’s only the party being accused of fraud that doesn’t want to check ID’s.

G) The other issue I think should be the largest concern to everyone, is the well documented, known corruptness of Dominion Voting Machines themselves and their very easily manipulatable software. I was permanently suspended off Twitter from my 250k+ verified account for posting about this specific kind of electronic voter fraud….as were other high profile accounts including General Flynn, Sydney Powell, Mike Lindel, Tracy Beanz, and of course President Trump himself. We didn’t post threats, or nudity, or calls to violence…we were calling out Dominion Software for corruption, and questioning both the Democrats and Republicans (yes, it’s both establishment parties) that had gotten paid by Dominion to push forward and subsequently award the company multiple, lucrative state contracts to operate our elections.

“Smartmatic Voting Systems” created the sub company “Sequoia” which was then bought out by “Dominion Voting System” ….no matter how many hands change, it’s all the same software. This software has a built in design to allow fractionalized voting, for instance in the corporate setting they might have it set so the President of a company’s vote counts as one and 1/2 votes and the shareholders votes only count as a third, or something like that. So in theory (and this has actually already happened) someone could get into the software through WiFi, and apply this algorithm feature to any election to manipulate it. You can even set it so this algorithm automatically gives a candidate the exact winning percentage you desire by simply picking up votes that have already occurred and electronically altering them and moving them over. I spent two hours watching a professional mathematician explain this, he managed to painstakingly (at least for me) reverse engineered the peculiar election abnormalities in Georgia and actually managed to figure out the exact algorithm they used. He goes on to prove it by showing no matter what numbers you put in…you’ll get the same winning percentage everytime, it’ll just keep adjusting itself and “robbing” from other precincts. Remember how numbers were deleted by the thousand from Trump and mysteriously added to Biden on live TV several times on election night? That’s because the live updates caught some of these electronic “adjustments” in the act. Now, this method of tabulation manipulation only works if you have enough ballots to adjust, if one candidate is winning in a landslide somewhere…you’re going to need to stop everything and find a way to inject more ballots….oh wait, does that sound familiar now? Remember that “stoppage of the count” that happened almost simultaneously across all the Battleground states that Trump happened to be leading in on election night? It was unprecedented and yet we were never given a reason why. We were also never given an explanation as to why counting magically resumed in the dead of night after poll watchers were sent home, or why almost all the votes that got injected during this time were entirely for Biden. We were also never given an explanation as to way extra cases of ballots were hidden and counted after hours on security footage in Georgia, or showed up in vans in the early hours when counting was “over” in Michigan. That might also explain how so many counties across the country (like the 7 out of 9 in Michigan) had more ballots turned in than they had possible voters.

This is not a “right wing conspiracy” theory as the media would desperately want you to believe. Smartmatic itself came out and publicly stated that their software was used to rig the Venezuelan election by creating over a million “ghost votes.”

Just a few years ago both CNN, NBC, and HBO all did documentaries about how these machines were easily riggable and could fall into the wrong hands (they were worried about conservatives at the time.) Even former Democrat presidential candidates Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobouchar came out publicly against Dominion for endangering the democracy of our election system as recently as 2019…

…right up until they got the outcome they wanted and they won? Interesting. Even though these machines were never supposed to be hooked up to the Internet for that very reason, these machines were absolutely hooked up online across the country.

This same voting software has also been accused of rigging elections in Korea by China…because the scariest part about this technology is that any hacker, any bad actor, any foreign country can manipulate this software through an internet connection. With the millions tax payers spent on machines and Dominion “services” and contracts…we can just as easily afford to do paper ballets counted by hand. It’s not “cheaper” to use these hackable companies, so why use them? Which judging from this raw data of where our election data was being sent to….there were several bad actors including China. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea that a country that created a virus to kill people is meddling now in our elections. Enemies like that want the worst candidate to win. Look at everything Biden’s done….almost everything hurts Americans and our economy while making other countries and corporations richer. Why did our stimulus tax money meant for us, go to foreign countries overseas? Why are illegals getting more benefits than our small business owners and veterans?

As a Nevadan, I do not trust the “word” of a lazy, corrupt, and questionable Secretary of State….I demand a full 3rd party audit of the 2020 election, as I am guaranteed under the Nevada State Constitution.

SOS Office: 775-684-5708
Governor’s Office: (702) 486-2500
Attorney General: (702) 486-3420

If you’d like more information on how to demand the State your right to an audit, it’s imbedded at the bottom of this article here: and follow me on GAB (you can book market through your DuckDuckGo app for easy access) @AmericanAFMindy since in permanently suspended on Twitter for posting proof of voter fraud.

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Rhonda Shoda Rau
Rhonda Shoda Rau
1 year ago

Amazing information. Very detailed. Nevadans need to stand up against these tyrants! Ride up and let’s flood the legislative mail rooms with affadavits. Nevada Patriots we are the majority!

1 year ago

KEEP PUSHING SILVER STATE! We have to make them listen somehow! More letters, calls and appearances!


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