INSURGENTS? BLM & Antifa Block Streets, Attack Police Vehicle, Get Ran Over (VIDEO)

All you’ve heard now is a bullshit narrative from the mainstream media, the Department of Justice, and the Democrats that what happened at the Capitol on January 6th was an “insurgency.” Meanwhile, streets all across America are unsafe and being attacked by the vicious groups of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and the mainstream media and leftist loons are silent.

Saturday night in Tacoma, Washington there was a police vehicle responding to a riot in the streets, and the vehicle and officer were attacked. The Officer ran over those attacking him in the streets to save his/her own life. Of course these leftist loons are now on full attack mode against the police.

First off, stop blocking the streets and you won’t get ran over. Secondly, stop breaking the damn law. We’re all tired of your thug like mentality of attacking Americans, Businesses, Police Officers.

You can’t blame Donald J Trump now. He’s no longer President. So what exactly is President Joe Biden doing about this?

Here’s a video the mainstream media won’t show you, someone from Black Lives Matter saying “They’re in the cop car” or “They’re hitting the cop car” or both. Watch below, what did you expect the officer to do, let you drag him out and kill him/her?

This is Joe Biden’s new America, because the left knows he won’t hold them in check. So therefore he will simply just allow them to run roughshod over blue collar, hard working Americans.

Here’s another angle of the officer running over these miscreants out vandalizing, doing property damage, and destroying small businesses.

Here’s a noble concept. Stop attacking the police, listen to their orders. Stop rioting in the streets, attacking those that don’t agree with you, and vandalizing and destroying small businesses in America. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

This officer is alive today because he/she didn’t allow the mob to overwhelm their vehicle and be attacked and maimed.

I pray for our police officers, federal agents, and military this morning. The job they have with this lawless society is not one I would wish upon anyone. God Bless America, and stop breaking the damn law!

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Rebecca Eccles
Rebecca Eccles
11 months ago

If you train a dog to attack that is all it knows. People have to protect themselves from trained attack dogs, even if it means attacking the dog. Police did good at putting these trained dogs down.

Trump 2020
Trump 2020
11 months ago

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes

11 months ago

Should have backed up with all speed!!!