INSUFFERABLE: CNN Blames Former President Trump for GameStop $GME Stock Surge

Well that didn’t take long, the liberals over at Fake News CNN are at it again. This time trying to blame former President Donald J. Trump for the GameStop $GME Stock Surge that took place on Wednesday and hammered investors.

That’s right, the CNN Editor Chris Cillizza at Large is blaming President Trump for people revolting against the system.

Here’s a tid bit from the article in question blaming Trump for what happened today with GameStop.

Trump elucidated this argument in its purest form at a rally in North Dakota in 2018 when he went on this riff:

“I meet these people they call them ‘the elite.’ These people. I look at them, I say, ‘That’s elite?’ We got more money, we got more brains, we got better houses, apartments, we got nicer boats, we’re smarter than they are, and they say they’re elite? We’re the elite. You’re the elite. We’re the elite.”

“So I said the other day, let’s keep calling these people—and let’s face it, they’ve been stone-cold losers, the elite, the elite—so let them keep calling themselves the elite. But we’re going to call ourselves—and remember you are indeed, you work harder, but you are indeed smarter than them—let’s call ourselves from now on the super-elite. We’re the super-elite.”

Mr. CNN continued..

What made Trump’s argument so potent, politically speaking, is that he wasn’t just calling out the elites. He was saying that Average Joes needed to rise up and actually show them how wrong they were — that voting him for him was the best way to express their anger and frustration with the condescension of their alleged bettors.

Donald Trump offered himself up as a collective middle finger to the elites. And he won.All of which brings me to the current — seemingly inexplicable — stock surge of GameStop, the video-game seller that has made its money over the years thanks to its locations in malls.

So let me get this straight, it’s Donald Trump’s fault for telling people to rise up against the elites that continue to bully them? How so? Is Wall Street finally getting a dose of their own medicine today? It sure as hell seems that way, doesn’t it!

So what exactly happened? Well GameStop was about $20 bucks a share on December 28th, on Wednesday it closed at right under $335. How you might ask? Because amateurs had enough of the experts, and did what they told them not to do. That’s called capitalism, right America?

Here’s another example of CNN whining about what happened and trying to toss blame on Elon Musk, who’s pro free speech in America.

That effort to screw the pros — people with a short position on a stock that is surging have major vulnerabilities the higher the stock goes — got an unexpected boost from none other than iconoclast-in-chief and Tesla founder Elon Musk, who tweeted “Gamestonk!” with a link to the “wallstreetbets” subreddit on Tuesday.

(Musk has also been a longtime critic of social media censoring and was a prominent Covid-19 skepticSound like anyone else we know?)

Isn’t it amazing how when people don’t toe the line, the media and democrats now expect you to be held accountable for not doing what they expected you or wanted you to do? What happened to free speech? What happened to capitalism? What happened to being free in America?

You can read more of this blasphemous article over at

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