CENSORSHIP OVERLOAD as Instagram Indefinitely Suspends Matt Couch’s Account TWICE in Span of 3 Days Over a Meme: You Wont’ Believe What This One is for!

UPDATE: As we had just put out the below article claiming how Instagram has reinstated our bosses account @RealMattCouch after wrongfully indefinitely banning it a couple of days ago, it took the censorship tyrants over at Meta about 30 minutes to re-indefinitely suspend his account.

Over what, we’re sure you’re asking? Well let’s just say that the censorship Nazis over at Meta have no sense of humor, just like the leftist dullards in America have no sense of humor. Have you ever heard the terminology “The left can’t meme.” Well the left also has no sense of humor, and it wouldn’t know a good time if it sat on their faces.

Check out what they suspended the boss for this time, and yes we’re serious.

Yup, that’s it… A joke about a child dressing as Chucky that most folks between the ages of 35 and 55 have a phobia of, as it creeped us all the hell out. That’s the meme that got him indefinitely suspended on Instagram for the 2nd time in 3 days in today’s edition of the left sucks ass and has no sense of humor.

What a turn of events we have here as Meta and Instagram have reversed course and reinstated the bosses Instagram account of The DC Patriot. If you remember earlier this week, our own Matt Couch’s account was indefinitely suspended for sharing a Hunter Biden Halloween Costume, and the company says that was a “mistake.”

According to the company it was done by mistake, in fact the exact words were as follows.

“It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. Your account has been reactivated, and you should now be able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any issues getting back int your account, please let us know.


The Facebook Team”

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Well isn’t that special, they’re sorry, they made a mistake, or they got a ton of complaints and maybe an email from Couch’s lawyer, we’re not sure what caused this, but we’re stoked to see the boss back cracking jokes and making people smile on Instagram!

It’s almost Christmas, now the question remains. Will Elon Musk do the right thing and allow Matt Couch back on Twitter?

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