INSANITY! Watch as Twitter Explodes Over Waffle House Employee Deflecting Thrown Chairs in Massive Brawl [GRAPHIC VIDEO INSIDE]

The restaurant chain “Waffle House: is trending on Twitter and other social media outlets in reaction to a video of an employee deflecting and slapping down chairs thrown at her, as well as delivering some Mike Tyson like beat downs of thuggish customers who attacked her and her crew.

The throw down took place at one of the chain’s restaurants in Austin, Texas.

The original video, which is more than two minutes long, shows the lead up and the fight between multiple Waffle House customers and employees.

This is nothing new for Waffle House, which is open 24 hours a day, and is a frequent late night hot spot for drunks and those who’ve partied just a tad bit too much to try to grab a meal before heading home to sleep off their stupidity.

The employee who was struck with two chairs has gone viral for her quick reflexes and impressive deflections.

This is one of the most insane brawls we’ve ever seen, and there’s a trend here. If you try to attack people that work at places like Waffle House or Popeyes, the percentage and chance of you getting your ass handed to you are extremely high. These people have seen some things, and they’re not afraid to lay hands on you.

Check out the insanity below.


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Walter Mintz
1 month ago

I wonder what color they are?

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