INSANITY: University of Hartford Dropping from NCAA D1 to D3 After First Men’s March Madness Appearance

The University of Hartford’s president is taking the program from Division 1 to Division 3, despite the programs first ever appearance in the Big Dance this past season. An unheard of move that reeks of liberalism and quite frankly insanity.

In a release, the school said that the decision “comes after a year of discussion and study of the current athletics model and several alternatives.” The plans to officially file its intent to move to Division III with the NCAA in January 2022.

“Intercollegiate athletics has long been an integral part of the University of Hartford student experience and that will not change,” said University of Hartford Board of Regents chair David Gordon in a statement from the school.“At the same time, a move to Division III will allow the University to further strengthen the academic, co-curricular, and wellness experience for all students. While we know this decision will disappoint some members of our community, we remain confident that this shift is in the best long-term interests of the institution and all its students.”

University of Hartford President Gregory S. Woodward also issued a statement, in which he said the university “owes so much to the generations of student-athletes and athletics staff.”

“The University of Hartford owes so much to the generations of student-athletes and athletics staff who have added immeasurably to our community and are a source of pride for the University,” Woodward said in the statement. “As we transition to this new model for intercollegiate athletics in the coming years, I am energized by the opportunities we will have to support the success of all of our students, including our student-athletes.”

The move comes just months after they made their first every appearance for March Madness, and the players and former players are livid.

Former Guard D.J. Mitchell unloaded on the university president, “I can’t believe this is even in question after the last four years in our programs history,” Mitchell wrote via his personal Twitter account back on April 8. “I’m in awe the president completely discredited what me and many others have sacrificed for the school. I really hope it’s all just talk but I don’t know what to think.”

What are your thoughts folks, is this insane or what?

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8 months ago

fight back get community support and push back on tese ignorant ass liberals they are all going down very soon i pray the wickedness in thise withour souls knows no bounds!!!!!!!