INSANITY: DHS Chief Mayorkas Couldn’t say if Terrorists Were Released into U.S. or Not as Jim Jordan Hammers Him (VIDEO)

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) website, the job description of the Office of the Secretary overseeing the DHS is as follows:

“Efforts to counter terrorism and ​enhance security, secure and manage our borders while facilitating trade and travel, enforce and administer our immigration laws, safeguard and secure cyberspace, build resilience to disasters, and provide essential support for national and economic security – in coordination with federal, state, local, international and private sector partners.”

With job title in hand, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas surprised members of the House Judiciary Committee during his testimony last Thursday.

During the hearing, Secretary Mayorkas said he did not know exactly where any illegal aliens accused of terrorism or having terrorism ties had been released into the U.S. interior after being apprehended at the southern border in 2021.

Th exchange with Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) went as follows:

JORDAN: Secretary, have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the Terrorist Watch List or No-Fly List encountered at our southwest border been released  into the United States?

MAYORKAS: Ranking member Jordan, as I mentioned before, I will provide that data to you. With respect to the disposition of each one, I do not know the answer to your question.

JORDAN: The Secretary of Homeland Security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally, are on the NO-FLY List and the Terrorist Watch List. You do not know whether they have been released or not into the country. That’s your testimony?

MAYORKAS: Ranking member Jordan, as I’ve said before, I will provide you the data.
JORDAN: I yield back to the gentlemen…that’s amazing.

For Representative Jordan, as well as millions of everyday Americans, the fact the head of DHS doesn’t actively know the status of detained terrorists, is a dereliction of duty. 

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, 42 illegal aliens on the FBI Terrorist Watch List or No-Fly List have been apprehended at the southern border. In April 2021, two illegal aliens from Yemen arrived at the border. Both were on the Terrorism watch List and the No-Fly List.

Former Customs and Border Protections (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan has questioned to Breitbart News about what exactly DHS has done with those accused of terrorism or having terrorism ties after arriving at the border.

Morgan said, “The real question we need to be asking this administration is, what did you do with the 23 people from the Terrorism Screening Database you took custody of? Their arrest would have triggered further investigation by the FBI and other law enforcement entities. Did you release some or all? Did you remove some or all?”

The sad reality is that Mayorkas is an open border and asylum activist who is doing everything in his power to further flood the United States with tens of millions of more illegal aliens.

When questioned about the border invasion, Mayorkas, in order to create cover for his actions, simply claims ignorance if caught.

The best we can hope for to stop this leader of the Department of Homeland Security is to impeach him in January, following the upcoming expected Red Wave in the mid-term elections.

We appreciated our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

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