INSANE Video Shows Train Crash into 18-Wheeler Pulling Giant Wind Turbine Blade In Texas (Video)

In one of the most shocking moments you’ll see on a video, a semi truck, a wind turbine, and a train apparently had a date with Destiny in Texas over the weekend.

An 18 wheeler hauling a massive wind turbine blade was making a difficult turn pulling the massive blade. The back end of the trailer got stuck turning, and he was trying to not damage the crossing lights of the train tracks, then it happened.

The railroad crossing arm known as the Level crossing signals came down as the giant wind turbine was stuck across the tracks. The driver eventually realized what was happening and tried to gun the massive wind turbine blade to the finish line, but it was too late.

The train came crashing through, destroying the giant wind turbine blade, and flipping the semi-truck over on its side in an insane video.


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1 year ago

Where in TX did this happen? Lots of windmills in the Lubbock area.