INSANE VIDEO! Police Officer Tases Himself During Violent Struggle With Suspect (VIDEO)

An insane video of a police officer tasing himself while trying to apprehend a suspect has surfaced, and it’s not pretty. There really should be some physical challenges for some of these guys trying to be police officers. This is hard to watch.

The Cammack Village Police Department in Arkansas released video of officers engaging in a violent struggle with 35-year-old Dustin Arch Black on June 5.

During the struggle, the police chief was struck with a baton and another officer tased himself.

Black banged his head and kicked the patrol car window while in custody. The police chief and suspect reportedly were treated at a local hospital.

The real issue here is this has to be the most incompetent cop we’ve ever seen. What an absolute dumpster fire of idiocy this guy was. Out of shape, incompetent, and just ridiculously untrained for his job. He escalated this situation with his own stupidity and lack of training.

Watch the video below: Graphic Content Warning

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5 months ago

POs need to be physically fit and all precincts shd offer a workout area along with a yearly physical. This is shd be mandatory not only for their own safety but the publics as well