Radical Democrats are using everything in the arsenal to achieve their progressive dream as they are running wild trying to force-feed Americans their far left-wing agenda.​

And the Democrats are not trying to hide it. Just last week radical lefty Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY), the first gay Black man in Congress, admitted that Democrats would go to extraordinary lengths to pass major gun control.

Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee, Jones said, “Republicans cannot stop the Democrats from passing gun control legislation because Democrats will do anything and everything to pass it, including eliminating the legislative filibuster and packing the Supreme Court.” 

Jones also exclaimed, “Time after time you have chosen your right to kill over our right to live. You will not stop us from advancing the Protecting Our Kids Act.” He also said they wouldn’t be able to keep it from passing in the House or the Senate. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it. And we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation out of our communities.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, called out Democrats for their fiery rhetoric, saying their goal is not to pass real reform but to merely pay lip service to their fractured voter base. He also pointed out that no Democrat reached across the aisle to work with Republicans on crafting legislation, and the issue of protecting children transcends political party. But he was unfazed in this latest attempt to curb Second Amendment rights saying, “The Democrats cobbled together a package of measures. This is not a real attempt, in my judgement, to find solutions. Everyone here knows the reality that Democrats are in control of the House. Anything that you and Speaker Pelosi want to pass, you can pass, and frankly you’ve already passed numerous bills related to firearms this Congress.”

“But because those bills are radical attempts to legislate away Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens the Senate has not taken up the bill legislation. Just like it won’t take up this bill.”

Jordan added, “More stringent gun control legislation would neither make schools safer nor stop mass shootings, rather it would simply infringe on the rights of law-abiding Americans. We need to get serious about understanding why this keeps happening.”

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