INSANE: NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders Will Require Fans to Show Proof of Vaccine or Get A Shot at the Gate

This is absolutely unbelievable. The NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders will require fans to show proof of vaccination from Covid-19. Anyone who hasn’t can still enter the game after they get a shot at Allegiant Stadium. You can’t even make this up. This is a true what in the hell moment!

Vaccinated fans also won’t be required to wear masks according to the Raiders, even though new evidence shows that vaccinated are spreading the virus at an alarming rate just like unvaccinated, and possibly even higher.

Spectators will be required to show proof of their vaccination status on a mobile app with a “health pass” feature, the Raiders organization said. If they do so, they can attend games without wearing a face mask.

Fans who have opted to get a vaccine shot just before entering the stadium will have to wear a mask due to the lag time for the vaccines to take full effect. 

The Raiders’ rules will be in effect for the team’s first regular season home game — a Monday Night Football matchup with the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 13.

Insane liberal Nevada governor Steve Sisolak was super excited about the measure.

“This is cutting edge. There’s no other venues in the country that are doing this,” Sisolak said, adding he hopes people feel reassured about attending an event where everyone is vaccinated.

What are your thoughts America? Tired of the insanity yet?

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
5 months ago

The wild western city of Las Vegas goes completely woke to support whiny, CCP supporting, former badasses of Oakland.
The mighty Covid kills less people than seasonal flu but propaganda and sissy boy mayors will take your freedom and will send you to your rooms AGAIN!


Karen Y
Karen Y
5 months ago

What is the point of that? Any vaccine given on game day will not be effective for a couple days, so it’s just another attempt to coerce people into taking the shot. Mandatory vaccines no longer have anything to do with a virus and everything to do with control. Why would anyone with natural immunity from recovering from covid need a vaccine that could actually harm them, and yet no excerptions are made for natural immunity. What happened to “follow the science?” This is obsene and I hope the NFL crashes and burns