INSANE: Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House (VIDEO)

In one of the most insane video’s you’ll ever see, this lunatic set himself on fire near the White House on Wednesday.

The man set himself on fire near the Ellipse on the south side of the White House.

The Ellipse is a 52-acre park area that lies south of the White House and north of the National Mall, in the heart of Washington. The fire occurred just north of the Washington Monument

Secret Service spokesman Jeffrey Adams said in a statement that the agency’s Uniformed Division Officers “responded in seconds” after the “male individual lit himself on fire.” Officers then began administering first aid to the man.

“The individual is being transported to a local hospital,” Adams added.

A spokesman for the Washington Fire Department told CNBC that, “I can confirm that we’ve transported one patient with burns from the Ellipse and we’re now on the scene assisting law enforcement,” referring to Park Police and U.S. Secret Service officers.

The individuals identity and motive have not been released by authorities.

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