INSANE Los Angeles Highway Heist as Thieves Make Off With $150 MILLION in Gems, Gold and More After Robbing Armored Truck (VIDEO)

A heist like you’d see in a Hollywood movie took place in Los Angeles this month and the thieves made off with tens of millions of dollars in gems and gold.

The burglars converged on an armored truck owned by Brink’s Security in the early hours of the morning of July 11th around 2 a.m.

After two security guards who were both armed stepped away from the truck for a few minutes, the witty thieves made their move.

The group of men made off with a container full of gems and gold that totaled in the tens of millions of dollars according to authorities.

The robbers pulled off the entire stunt in less than half an hour.

“We are looking at more than $100 million in documented losses,” International Gem and Jewelry Show President Arnold Duke told the Los Angeles Times. “This was an absolutely huge crime. One of the largest jewelry heists ever. We are talking gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and loads of luxury watches.”

The standard armored vehicles are equipped with safety features and armed personnel. They have things like satellite tracking, locking mechanisms, and security cameras.

The items stolen on July 11th range from luxury watched, cut gems, gold, jewelry, and more. The losses could cause several businesses to go out of business as the merchandise on the truck was such a high value.

“There were 15 exhibitors each with $5 [million] to $10 million in merchandise,” Duke added. “These are small businesses with their entire wealth vested in that truck. It has destroyed them financially, and it affected their health in some cases.”

Thanks to our friends at Fox News for contributing to this article.

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