INSANE: Liberals Call Tim Allen ‘Racist’ Because He Doesn’t Know How to Play Spades

The left is once again in an uproar, this time attacking conservative actor and comedian Tim Allen.

Why you might ask? It’s not because he’s done anything wrong, but in a recent interview Tom Hanks claimed that Allen didn’t know how to play the card game Spades. The left immediately deemed him a racist.

I mean, what’s next, are we going to deem those who can’t play Uno or Skip Bo racist?

The left’s rage to be angry and outspoken about everything is growing tiresome among middle America. The hard working, blue collar, Americans in fly over states have had enough of you all.

I agree Matt, what a pathetic and stupid time we live in.

My good friend Tim Young however served it up for you on a silver platter. This has nothing to do with anything more than Tim Allen is a successful conservative actor and comedian. If he were a leftists, I wouldn’t be writing this article.

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3 years ago

I remember a time when “spade” was considered derogatory to a certain RACE. NOW they advertise it???