INSANE Ilhan Omar Compares Herself to George W Bush on 9/11

At this point, even Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) knows she messed up when she said “some people did something” on 9/11.

It is extremely obvious by her recent tweet about George W. Bush, where she compares her words to the former president. She’s out of ideas.

The problem is that Bush’s comments came just days after the attacks where nearly 3,000 were killed. Nobody knew anything about radical Islamic terror at the time.

As you’d imagine, Omar took Bush’s words out-of-context for her own benefit.

Here’s Bush’s speech on that day in 2001, per MarketWatch:

President BushI want you all to know that America today, America today is on bended knee, in prayer for the people whose lives were lost here, for the workers who work here, for the families who mourn. The nation stands with the good people of New York City and New Jersey and Connecticut as we mourn the loss of thousands of our citizens

Rescue WorkerI can’t hear you!

President BushI can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!

Leave it to Omar to continue to double down on ignorance and stupidity. You can read more from our friends over at

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Steve DuBose
Steve DuBose
4 years ago

Not so sure! I still want to see who all was involved in the overturning of the 1952 ban on Muslims. It may very well be, the Bushes let the foxes in the hen house! It was obvious they were hiding something to abandon us in 2016!