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INSANE: ‘Hearsay Can Be Much Better Evidence Than DIRECT EVIDENCE’ Top Dem Says in Impeachment Hearing

We already knew the liberal left was insane.

Now we have actual evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Democrat Congressman Mike Quigley during Wednesday’s Impeachment hearing stated “Hearsay can be much better evidence than Direct Evidence.”

Wait what? Is he serious? Unfortunately he is. You can see the insanity when you watch the hard to believe video below. Yes, he actual said it!

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10 months ago

“I think Eric Ciaramella needs to be pulled in for testimony and then I think it will be ultimately determined at that point, but I think he is a person of interest in the sense that he was at the Ukraine desk when Joe Biden was there…”

10 months ago

‘Hearsay Can Be Much Better Evidence Than DIRECT EVIDENCE’ – That’s why the Daily Rag Tabloids sell so well, even though they can’t “cut it” in a courtroom.

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