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INSANE: Democrats Hint They Will Try to Use the Fourteenth Amendment to Expel GOP Reps Who Challenged the Election Fraud

The Stalin-like tactics of the mainstream media and radical left are now on full display for all conservatives to see. Now the radical extremists of the left are saying that they want to remove any member who challenged the insane amounts of election fraud in the 2020 elections.

This is literally black shirt and brown shirt mentality that the Hitler’s and Mussolini used.

The following is from our friends at Red State.

Two different tracks are at work. On the one hand, the Democrats seem to be pressing ahead with another impeachment fo President Trump over something because no sane person can claim there was any incitement in his speech last Wednesday (US Attorney for DC Is Allegedly Investigating President Trump’s Speech for Evidence of a Criminal Act), Given that there is only a week left in his presidency, this is more of a stunt than real. The two-thirds vote of the Senate needed to remove him from office is not there. The real reason is to lock in Republicans on the subject because the Democrats actually believe that supporting President Trump will damage them (it won’t). The transparency of this ploy was made clear yesterday when the Democrats said that an impeachment probably would not take place until after Biden had been granted his “hundred days” to attempt to crush freedom and free enterprise in the United States (see I Support the Democrats’ Effort to Impeach President Trump and so Should You).

The other track is a fanciful reading of the US Constitution to arbitrarily remove from office members of Congress who challenged the votes of the Electoral College and to bar President Trump from running for office again in 2024.

Here’s an example of the idiocy these morons are bringing.

So on top of these mental midgets trying to invoke the 25th amendment, FYI, it’s not intended for hurt feelings, its’ for medical emergencies which isn’t what is happening here.

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1 month ago

What would you expect from the Krazy Ku.nt Squad ???

1 month ago

An Open Letter to Every Damned Politician! On the Election, Selective Lockdowns, Corruption, all of it! Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News. Politicians, why the hell do we need you? You have done nothing for the people of this country! Nothing! Night after night, year after year, we go to work, pay our taxes, and bite our tongues. We watch you on the evening news pontificate about this issue or that scandal, yet you do nothing. We’re sick of it! We’re told not to be violent, and we’re not. We’re told to fight the right way in the courts… Read more »

Patrick short
Patrick short
1 month ago

They all need to be terminated. They are haters of all of us who believe in the truth. Every time I hear what they are doing I feel upset. They have to go. Trump is the best President in the world an will never be defeated.

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