INSANE Crazy Brawl Breaks Out on Carnival Cruise Line Over a Chair [VIDEO INSIDE]

It’s not often you get to see a massive fight break out on a cruise ship but this is one for the ages folks. A massive braw over a chair of all things.

A ton of passengers on a recent Carnival Cruise vacation got far more than they bargained for and some ringside seats to a combination of the UFC and Wrestlemania.

Lucky for all of us, someone happened to record the entire shit show, you’re welcome America!

The Daily Mail reports that the entire debacle began over “a seat and personal space.”

In the words of the infamous Mills Lane, “Let Get It On!”

“All I know now is, I was filling my cup up with lemonade then boom, they were knuckin’ and buckin’,” said one commenter

Another person commenting on this fight said, “The Cruise lines need to implement harsh punishment for those who get into altercations. These videos are hurting the cruise industry from attracting new cruisers, and possibly turning avid cruises away as well.” And this is, of course, true. This isn’t the first knock-down-drag-out we’ve seen on a Carnival Cruise. Back in June, another fight broke out on the dance floor of a Carnival Cruise ship after some jealously surrounding a threesome boiled over.

Check out how it started, and how it ended below:


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