Insane Congressman Adam Kinzinger Calls for ‘No Fly Zone’ in Ukraine That Would Lead to WWIII

That’s right, the insane Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger is in the media again, this time screaming for a “No Fly Zone” in the Ukraine that would surely lead to conflict between America and Russia setting off possibly WWIII caliber conflicts.

The notion that these mental midgets on the left and right think fighting the Russians is a good idea when America tripped over their own shoe laces with the Taliban and couldn’t even get out of Afghanistan without massive losses and confusion is ridiculous.

Now they want to fight the Russians? An actual world power with a massive military and nuclear weapons. Really Congressman, this is what you’d like to do? Will it be your sons and daughters that you’re sending into combat? Highly doubtful isn’t it.

Kinzinger tweeted, “This is a good moment to renew my call for a no fly zone, at the invitation of the Ukraine government. I fear if this continues, we will have to intervene in a bigger way..”

It was met by harsh criticism from those with functioning brains, including former Congressional candidate and retired Air Force pilot Buzz Patterson.

This is a good moment to point out that @AdamKinzinger is calling on NATO and US military pilots to engage in combat with Russia. There is no bigger “intervening” than a US Air Force jet shooting down a MIG. This is the ignorance that we are forced to endure in DC. Unacceptable.

Election Wizard says he’s counting down the days until Kinzinger is out of congress.

These people at this moment are trying to start WWIII, just to cover up their own crimes, it’s unthinkable and unimaginable America. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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